Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brilliant Ideas - I Am a Bottomless Well of Costume Ideas

#18 - Pants suit with pumps (Hillary Clinton)
#19 - Old guy with sweater and glasses and soothing voice. Pair people up at the party (Old guy from eHarmony commercials)
#20 - Wear a pair of glasses and as much white as possible. Carry a large book around with you. (Wikipedia)
#21 - Wear army fatigues and a helmet. Carry around a pad of paper and talk like you're from the homeland. Have a Japanese bullet in your head. (Inappropriate joke about Ernie Pyle that would've gotten your ass kicked in 1945)
#22 - Witch's costume (Hillary Clinton)
#23 - A map of the world with little green men glued to it. (Risk)
#24 - White sequined suit with lettuce sticking out of the sleeves and neck (Elvis Parsley)
#25 - Low-cut dress with pumps (Slutty Hillary)
#25 - Shirt that says "College" on it. Bottle of Jack in your hand. Fish mask. Webbed hands. (Creature from the Belushi Lagoon)
#26 - Goatee. Ponytail. Things with NPR label on them. Organic latte. The New York Times. (Seattelite)
#27 - Low-cut dress with pumps (Rudy Gulliani)
#28 - Low-cut white dress with large book (Slutty Wikipedia)
#29 - Chicken costume with horns, forked tail and pitchfork (EL POLLO DIABLO)
#30 - Low-cut dress with pumps (Slut)
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