Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dating Site Betting Rules

So here's the deal: I have recently been assigned a 20-article series to review dating websites. Now, I'm required to sign up for a free account, take a look around and write a short article. My idea is that instead of signing up for twenty different accounts, I can get some of you guys to do it for me.
Yes, you read that right. I am tricking you into doing work for me.
Now here's where the bet comes in. The rules are simple. Each person will take one website on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whoever receives the most "attention" (more on that later) will win the bet. The dollar amount is going to be $5 per person, which isn't a whole lot, but I anticipate at least five people getting in on this, maybe more, because I know for a fact that some of you don't have enough to do with your time.

Official Rules
- Bet is $5 per person. All money collected will go to one winner (we'll figure out how it gets there later)
- Each person can only have one account on one website.
- You absolutely do not have to tell the truth. Let me repeat that. LYING IS ALLOWED. If you want to pretend you volunteer at a Children's Hospital, fine. If you want to act like you play the guitar, whatever. (The reason lying is allowed is because it's impossible to trace everyone's accounts and say, "oh, you don't like poetry that much. This is cheating." With me?) For everyone who lives in Springfield and/or Macomb, I suggest you pretend you live in Chicago or another big city to significantly increase your chances.
- There is, however, one lie you cannot tell, and that is your profile picture. YOUR PROFILE PICTURE MUST BE OF YOU OR NOT AT ALL.
- All contestants MUST be locked in by midnight on Sunday (Nov 4th). You don't have to pay the $5, but you must register your account. The reason for this is that I do have a deadline with this, so I can't wait around forever for people to start their accounts.
- Contest ends at midnight on Nov 18th. All points will be tallied and a winner will be declared after that.
- Everyone must tell me which website they want to sign up for and then tell me what username they picked. We'll all use the same password - "zoidberg". I'll log onto your account once to review the website, then again at the end to tally the scores. I WILL NOT MESS WITH YOUR ACCOUNT.
- I'm not positive on the payment system for some of these websites. You don't have to pay (in fact, it's not encouraged) and if your website only offers a 1-week trial or something like that, we'll get you a new one.
- New Rule: Yes, you can flirt and date both guys and girls.
- New Rule: If you find a dating site you like that's not on the list, go ahead and add yourself and then tell me. In the same breath, I've added craigslist and okcupid to the current list. If anyone knows of any more sites, please let me know and I'll add them.

Points System
One Point - Some websites offer "one-button interaction" -- things like the poke in facebook. Lava Life has "smiles" for instance and one websites has "icebreakers". If you send a one-button interaction to someone and they return it (poke for poke) you get one point.
Two Points - You'll receive two points for every unsolicited one-button interaction you get.
Three Points - If someone replies to an email or message you sent them, you'll get three points.
Five Points - If someone sends you an unsolicited email or message, you'll get five points.
Seven Points - If you get a phone number or an instant messenger name, you'll get seven points.
Twenty Points - If you go on an actual date and can provide adequate proof, you'll get twenty points. Potential acceptable proof will be -- An email/phone message confirming the date, a third party seeing the person leave or return with their date, or the general consensus of a close community that the person went on a date (I have Washington Hall in mind). What you do beyond going on the actual date is inconsequential to the bet, but may be a fun night anyway.

General Dating
Lava Life - Kevin
eHarmony - Diego (No messages) - Daya
American Singles - Diego
Yahoo! Personals - Jeff A. - Meredith
Craigslist - Alex - Nicole -

Christian Mingle -
Catholic Mingle -
Baptists Singles -
Adventist Singles -

Gay - Jenn
Pink Cupid -

Latino Singles Connection -
Jewish Mingle -
Black Singles -
Interracial Singles Connection -
Greek Singles Connection -
Asian Singles Connection -
Italian Singles Connection -
Single Parent Love Life -

At first glance, you may think that the general dating sites are the best bet, and this isn't necessarily true. Common wisdom says that it is easier to get a date within certain communities because, speaking in scientific terms, the pickings is slim. People on Asian Singles Connection want to date other Asians, and if you can pull off the look, your chances are pretty good with this crowd. Also, be prepared to deal with some groups that may have lowered their expectations. I'm not going to come right out and say it, but I think you know which group I'm talking about.

Ok, that's it. The point of this is to have fun with it and not so much the money. Right now I have three people in, so it's already a 3-1 return on your money. Not only with this be damn funny, but let's face it, we could use some help.
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