Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quick Update on the Dating Site Bet

Lava Life has essentially waged a fierce battle within my soul and bearing flags with two cursive "L"s on them, has emerged victorious. I am consistently on LL now, trying to optimize my sexy bastard quotient. Will this picture look good in my gallery or in my backstage? Which particular wording of "I like to write" will promise me the highest smile bounty? Is a picture of my penis inappropriate or just right? These are questions that will no doubt keep me awake and distract me from the original goal of this thing, which was to make money to eat food. Oh well.

We now have six people participating in the debt, with some I have yet to solicit with this sick, twisted game. I'm going to ask my little sister to get in on the bet, effectively making me the worst person alive. Alex is attempting the "Get one or two dates and win" strategy by monopolizing Craigslistland, an objective I can only define as "seedy" at best and "seeing what's under the bottom of the barrel" at worst. Jenn is working the "play the field" angle, whoring herself out to both male, female, and "male and female" on I'm doing what I do best, which is mostly nothing. I am also ultra surprised that nobody has touched Single Parent Love Life, but only because you're all so good with children.

The pot is at $30, which is no small sum for a $5 investment. Tell your friends.
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