Friday, November 9, 2007

How I Feel About Things and Junk and Stuff Part Four - Regret

One thing that I hate more than anything is this cliched idea about not having regrets because we learn from them. This is bullshit. If you need to be spanked before you know you did bad, you're an idiot. Here, let me illustrate in five short plays:

Option 1 - "I regret things."
"Wow, I regret touching that hot skillet because it burned me. Ouch."

Option 2 - "I don't regret things."
"Wow, that skillet is hot. Ouch. I bet it won't be hot twice though. Ouch."

Option 3 - "I don't regret things because I learned from them."
"Wow, that skillet is hot. Ouch. But at least I learned that things that are glowing red and placed over a crackling fire are hot. Thank god I'm so smart."

Option 4 - "I regret other things."
"Ok, so the red hot skillet placed over a fire is hot, but I don't regret touching it, because I have learned from it. I sure do regret being an idiot though."

Option 5 - "I do nothing."
"Why are you retards touching a hot skillet? Read a book."
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