Monday, November 19, 2007

You Know Nothing of the Classics, Knave

Doing a little research for work, I stumbled about an audiobook for Beowulf, which at first made me think, "Hey, neat. I'm a big fan of that guy's work." However, I was quickly disheartened to see that it was being advertised as "The book that inspired the movie".

What the hell?

Yes, that's exactly what the epic poem Beowulf is most known for, not for being one of the oldest, most cherished pieces of written literature ever, but for inspiring a shitty Robert Zemekis film.

"Hey guys, have you heard about this Shakespeare fellow?"
"Oh, you mean the guy that was in Shakespeare in Love? Yeah dude, he's tits."

Also, the version of the audiobook they're selling is being described as "unabridged selections" and not the entire thing. I don't think iTunes knows what "unabridged" actually means.
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