Friday, December 7, 2007

Catch Up

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that the blog was not updated this week. And for that, I half-assedly apologize. You see, a combination of factors kept me from being able to post this week, namely my own laziness, my own apathy and my own I don't really give a fuck.

But not to worry! Today is the day when I catch up on all the blog work I've missed out for the past few days. Now, don't start thinking that just because I'm doing four new year's resolutions in one day that each one will be short and crappy, because then you would be absolutely right! And nobody likes a know-it-all.

New Year's Resoluiont #6 - Learn what homeless people taste like

New Year's Resolution #7 - Discover through the use of mathematics what the smallest hole I can have sex with is, instead of the guess-and-check method I've been using

Nw Yar's Rsolution #8 - Svr all tis with my last favorit lttr

New Year's Resolution #9 - Never be late with blog posts again, because no good can come of it
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