Monday, December 17, 2007

Just Say "Poor and Weird" Like a Normal Person

From the New York Times today, in an article about poor living conditions in an apartment building:

Theirs is a dismal, surreal housing arrangement that seems as much out of Kafka as Dickens.

What? What the hell are you trying to say? I have a degree in English Lit and I don't even understand what the hell that's supposed to mean. Are there cockroach people running around? Do ghosts of varying holidays visit this housing arrangement three times a night? Why are there so many street urchins with British accents running around?

I guess the Times doesn't even pretend to care about writing over the heads of the average person anymore.

Oh, and for those of you convinced that the Times has a left-leaning bias (not that I'm against you or with you,) this article was about the poor living conditions of people that don't pay rent. Yes, I guess living someplace for free would be like something out of Dickens, and by that, I mean shitty.
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