Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Lesson in Advanced Biology

Now, I'm a pretty weird guy. This shouldn't be news to anyone. Unlike most weird people however, I'm weird due to my competitive nature; I'm constantly trying to out-weird both myself and the people around me, just to be the best at something. Also, because it makes me laugh.

The other thing I am is profound. This is part of that whole writer territory. Writers can create powerful insight even where there really isn't anything insightful about what they're talking about. I've seen people write an entire thesis about a supporting character's shoe color and how it relates to communism versus capitalism. No, I am not making that up. I don't even think I could make up something like that.

Put both of these things together, and you have all the ingredients necessary for a fortune cookie-like piece of wisdom that makes you confused and uncomfortable.

New Year's Resolution #11 - Say something fucked up

So we're all aware that embryos are created from sperm and ovum. Semen is primarily composed of protein, which, like all of the body's nutrients, is created primarily through the digestion of food. So, technically, I used to be a ham sandwich.

Ok, that's not bad. I'll keep working on it.
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