Monday, December 17, 2007

Top Twenty Albums

There are many, many things that I do to feed my own ego. This blog is a good example. Another good one would be half of my conversations, which typically begin with something like, "Oh my god, I am so funny," or "Did you know that I'm better than you?"

I also like to create pointless lists, as though I'm someone important enough to create a list that could potentially have a point. The end of the year is a good time to do this, so I got together with my buddy Jeff, who usually shares similar music interests as I do, and we created a list of what we thought the best albums of 2007 were. You'll notice there's not so much difference between our top ten, but then we go way the fuck out there with 11-20. After we made this list, we started fighting and haven't spoken since.

Kevin's List:
1) From Autumn to Ashes
2) Demon Hunter
3) The Devil Wears Prada
4) Caliban
5) The Bled
6) Drop Dead Gorgeous
7) Cry of the Afflicted
8) Haste the Day
9) In This Moment
10) Sigh
11) blessthefall
12) The Forecast
13) Anberlin - The Lost Songs
14) Jimmy Eat World
15) Dillinger Escape Plan
16) Escape the Fate
17) Hurt
18) (hed)pe
19) Atreyu
20) HORSE the Band

Jeff's Stupid List:
1) Devil Wears Prada
2) As I Lay Dying (WRONG)
3) From Autumn to Ashes
4) Haste the Day
5) The Bled
6) Circa Survive (WRONG and also embarrassing for Jeff)
7) Catherine (SUPER WRONG)
8) Cry of the Afflicted
9) Park (Who?)
10) The Receiving End of Sirens (WRONG, but easily forgiven)
11) blessthefall
12) The Dillinger Escape Plan
13) Scary Kids Scaring Kids
15) Parkway Drive (What?)
16) August Burns Red (Understandable mistake)
17) The Autumn Offering
18) Inhale Exhale (I think he's just making shit up at this point)
19) Armor for Sleep (This isn't even a real band!)
20) New Found Glory
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