Friday, December 28, 2007

Your Poetric Interlude for the Day

Disclaimer: I am not a poet. I don't claim to be. Just a dude playing around with poetic form. Please refer to this entry if you're wondering why the hell I'm doing this.

A thoUsand snowflakes-hit-the-ground-at-once
and melt
A thoUsand more strike-the-hoods-and-trunks
of a thousand cars in seattle
cOffeE is all-it-takes-to-warm-hands
for a moment
Old mEn stare out-the-window, grateful
to their beards

wind picks up. and wet noses wet faces.
and dry skin dries eyes. and a thousand people
are crying athousandsnowflakes in the winter.
in seattle.

The way I composed this experiment went like this: First, I wrote a paragraph of prose. I'm a simple guy, so as I was sitting in a coffeeshop watching the snow fall outside, it was a paragraph about sitting in a coffeeshop watching the snow fall outside. There were also two sad old men watching the snow. Next, I picked a song out of the random assortment on my ipod, I almost went with My Last Serenade by Killswitch Engage, but opted instead for the chorus of The Weakerthans' "Civil Twilight". It has that kind of light and airy beat that reminded me of snow. Hopefully you can see the relation between the chorus and the first part of the poem. It's not precise, not even by a longshot, but it's there.

Critically, I'll be the first to admit that I don't like to
look at this poem. The seemingly random placement of capital letters makes it ugly and I dislike that. Oh well. I'll try again later.
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