Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Should Cheer You "Up"

And now, to help lighten the mood after my lengthy rant on the state of democracy in America, I have a surprise for everyone! Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a few hints: It's rigid, it fits in pocket, and even though it tries so hard, it can't pleasure a woman. Give up? It's my weekly hard-on!

This week, I'm popping boners hardcore for The Bugle, a political comedy podcast from one of those wacky British papers, starring that British guy from the Daily Show and some other British guy. What's that you say, crazy British gentlemen? You want to catch a ride on a "lift" up to your respective "flats"? You want to smoke a "fag"? You request another "shrimp on the barby"? Oh Britland! You so crazy!

I've been listening to the Bugle since its conception, and three months later, I can finally say, yes this is funny. Not Leno funny. But funny.

"Does political comedy change people's minds? There are two answers to that - a short one, and a slightly longer one. The short one is: no, it doesn't. The slightly longer one is: no, of course it doesn't, don't be ridiculous."
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