Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the Newsweek

In every issue of Newsweek, they count down the most popular articles on their website. They really should stop doing this, because not only does it show how dumb their articles are, but how dumb we are for reading this garbage. Example:

#10 - John McCain reaching out to the conservative base: Ok, this one isn't that bad.
#9 - The King of NASCAR, Rick Hendrick: Alright, articles on NASCAR don't really hold much flame when you consider the democratic turmoil faced in countries like Afghanistan, East Timor, Pakistan, Kenya and Kosovo, but it's only #9, so I'll let it slide.
#6 - Barack Obama's caucus record. Wow, the election of the president of the United States is literally the most important democratic act in the world (not a joke), I can only wonder what kind of hard-hitting news stories made the top five.
#3 - This is a direct quote from the magazine: "Looking for sexual aids or just sex toys? You don't have to shop online anymore."
#2 - Five painful places to get a tattoo. Again, another direct quote: "some spots are more painful than others." No kidding?
And, the number one story in the world of Newsweek readers last week...
#1 - "Hail to the Beasts". A photo gallery of presidential pets. Are you kidding me!? Thanks for giving me another reason to be ashamed of my country, Newsweek. Next time a picture of a kitten takes precedence over the assassination attempt of a world leader, keep it to yourself, ok?
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