Friday, March 7, 2008

Fanboy Be I

Ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in everyone's life where they realize that they possess an irrational love for something, and it is a very painful realization.

We've all met people in our lifetime that have some sort of stupid obsession and we can't stand them. In the nerdy circles that I run in, these people are referred to as "fanboys" and are usually someone who likes something just a little too much, like the guys who go nuts over the newest Legend of Zelda game or that one guy in high school that knew everything there was to know about Han Solo. The whole scheme can be applied to other things though, as I've met people who are nuts about bands (looking at you, Dragonforce fans) political candidates (Ron Paul supporters) sports teams (Cubs fans) or religions (...just about all of them). We see these types of people, and we don't want to become them.

My friends, today, I have descended into fanboydom (fanboyness?). I have discovered Spider-Man: India.

I love Spider-Man: India.

First off, can we all agree that this costume is all different kinds of awesome? Let's ignore the pointy elf shoes and focus more on the super sweet new spider symbol and the flow-y thing extending from his waistline. Dr. Zala's prognosis: Awesome-titus and a bacterial infection of Sweet Coli.

Spider-Man: India follows the story of Pravitar Prabhakar who lives with his Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim as he struggles with being the "dhoti" kid at a school in Mubai, flirting with a girl named Meera Jain and being bullied by a loudmouth named Flash. One day, Pravitar is given spider-powers from a street yogi (whose name I can only guess is "Genetics McGee"). Meanwhile, millionaire Nalin Oberoi has summoned a demon, which looks a lot like a Green Goblin. I am not making any of this shit up. Bonus points for making Meera Jain extra hot, and yes, I even love Pravitar's emo personality and awesome earrings. Weatherman Kevin's prediction: A slight sprinkling of erection-giving comic books with a small chance for totally fucking awesome late in the afternoon.

Yes, I am totally a fanboy. If I can sit down and enjoy the same damn Spider-Man story repackaged in an Indian theme, I am a fanboy. But, in my defense, take a look at the Green Goblin.
You can't tell me that comic books don't get better with the inclusion of a giant green monster. Newcaster Kevin Warzala has today's top stories: This just in, I will like anything with Spider-Man's name on it. Also, his pointy shoes kick ass.
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