Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's ok! It's ok! That Puppy was a Terrorist.

I'm not sure how astute my readers are when it comes to the thin line dividing "the news" and youtube, but there's a video going around of a supposed US soldier supposedly killing a supposed adorable puppy. I'm not going to debate the veracity of the video, except to say that I believe it's true, but that's not going to be the issue here.

The problem, I think, is that this barely-even-news-item will get way more attention than it deserves, and the liberal masses will totally blow the situation out of proportion and ruin their credibility even further. I first heard about this on Matt Bors' Blog, where he states that "it has a chance of being touched upon by the mainstream media," which I think is a very conservative estimate. The video will be played on cable news, whether in pieces or in its entirely. Experts will be called in to debate the psychological effects on war. Left will condemn it; Right will justify it. Debates will be held and we as a country will go through the entire pointless motions until we get bored and move onto the next fabricated crisis.

I won't show you the actual video, because it is exactly what it sounds like it is, and it's not especially easy to watch. I will, however, be glad to show you some of the "reaction shots" of youtubers, just to give you an idea on how some people feel about the death of a puppy. By the way, the videos I've linked to here are the result of a full ten seconds of research.

Video Number 1
Video Number 2
Video Number 3
Video Number 4
Video Number 5
Video Number 6

I'm not saying puppy-killing isn't wrong or that I'm unsympathetic to the plight of animals being tortured or killed for no reason. Far from it. What I am saying however, is that maybe we should be less concerned with the death of a single animal and more concerned with the deaths of human beings happening simultaneously around the world. Here's some news stories of people being killed around the world, that I can guarantee will not generate even half the amount of media attention or youtube outrage that a single dog will.

Four People Killed in Pakistan, fourteen injured
Eight People Killed in Armenia
Twelve People Killed in Kenya
Seventy People Killed in Sudan

Again, a full ten seconds of research brought all these stories to my attention. I couldn't find any youtube reaction videos over any of these.
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