Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why I Still Have Faith in the Advertising Industry

Advertising, for me, has been a way to pay the bills for the past few months.

No, not completely true. I have fun with it. I really do. The art of persuasion is something that has always interested me, from writing stories, to making new friends, and yeah, even advertising. On some days, I feel like I can make anything sound good.

But the advertising industry is more jaded than anything I've ever seen before. Most campaigns for products repeat themselves over and over again in the most shameless of manners. And sadly, the state of "activism" advertising is not much better, usually involving a cheap visual trick which does more to shock and disgust than to persuade. (This example for Equal Pay Day in Belgium strikes me as particularly shameless example. I can't read Dutch, but I think even if I could, I wouldn't bother with that copy.)

It's not to say that I don't think other issues are less important than the one's Dove (more specifically, Ogilvy and Mathers, the ad execs behind this campaign) tackles, but this is the issue that effects me the most on a personal, being an especially big fan of women and seeing -- in an almost infinite number of ways -- the damage modern advertising does to women's self-esteem. If I had my way, I would make sure everyone was made aware of this campaign. All I can do is share it with the half a dozen people who read my blog, which is good enough for now, I guess.

Campaign For Real Beauty
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