Monday, May 26, 2008


My new hobby: Pointing at Koreans who wear clothes with English phrases on them, and yelling them. "UNIVERSITY OF PINK" "YOU GO GIRL" "DONT LOOK AT ME SHOES"

The differences in how much money stuff costs is weird here. For instance, it's totally normal to be able to get a filling, restaurant-style meal for just four dollars and sometimes as cheap as two bucks. I can also buy two liters of bottled water for 60 cents. PC Rooms are typically about 60 or 70 cents an hour (if you've ever been to Fedex, you know that those computers cost at least 12 bucks an hour).

However, anything manufactured or imported is way more expensive than it would be in the states. For instance, I bought hair gel the other day and it was six bucks. My tiny, battery-operated, no-snooze-button alarm clock was twelve. A box of cereal was six, and it wasn't even Lucky Charms, just plain flakes of something (I assume rice). I saw a 350mL bottle of Jack Daniels for 60 bucks. I'm not great on conversion rates, but that's like, two shots of Jack.
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