Thursday, June 12, 2008

Had to Happen Sooner or Later

Alright, let's talk Korean music.

This is Seo Taiji. From what I gather, he's more or less the main "rock guy" of the country. I love the shit out of all his music, and he'll probably be my favorite Korean artist. Plus, his cartoon people are adorable.

This is Epik High. Everyone knows hip-hop ain't quite my thing, but I've listened to "One" more than any other song since I got here. The English subs are pretty handy too.

I love gratuitious skanky women.

This is SG Wannabe. This song cracks me up for two reasons. The first is that the title in Korean is "라라라" which, in the most literal translation, is "LaLaLa". The second reason is that Koreans don't realize that they're listening to the same style music as the rednecks in our country.

I guess if you were to put a gun to my head, I would also name a third, being that the video totally doesn't match the song. Ok, we have a country song named "LaLaLa". That just screams "horror movie" to me.
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