Monday, June 23, 2008

I REALLY Can't Dance

I'm no African, but this election is bullshit.

It's difficult to really claim indignancy at the news of a Zimbabwe presidential candidate dropping out of the race. Firstly, and probably most obviously, I am not Zimbabwean. I'm not even African. I can't even dance.

Secondly, the race itself really doesn't mean dick. I mean, the Zimbabwean president could be murdered and replaced, and nobody would really notice, unless of course, he was murdered or replaced by a robot or a ninja. Or murdered by a robot and replaced by a ninja. No, I guess considering their respective specialities, the most efficient way would be to have the ninja do the killing and the robot do the replacing.

Thirdly, the guy that dropped out (we'll call him "Tsvangirai" for simplicity's sake), probably wasn't going to change the world, better or good. But he dropped and I'm pissed. What the hell is my problem?

What I think really bugs me about this is that this could happen in the US. Before we continue, let me clear something up real quick: I are not crazy man. I know that something like this happening in the states is very unlikely, and is probably the type of thing that we'll only talk about and never see.

What I'm getting at is if we had an election year where the opposition suddenly found themselves with 100 or so dead friends on their hands -- and blood on the incumbant's -- what would the potential candidate do? What would the citzenry do?

Our country isn't really formed like a democracy anymore, is it? We seem to have reliquinshed much of our responsibility to the government, while at the same time, blaming them for the wrong in the world. It's the way a child acts towards a parent. We notice when they ground us, never thank them for the things they do, and expect to be taken care of. In short, I'm saying that we do not deserve democracy. If Bush killed Obama's family, we would sit back and watch, just like we sat back and watched as he killed Iraqi families.

There's this level of self-governing that we're all so afraid of. We love preaching and praising our own democracy, but in the end, we don't really practice it. We're afraid of our own government, and if I had to guess, I would say that the government ain't so scared of us. They can do anything and as long as we're kept fed, we will never take to the streets.

How do you change that?
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