Friday, July 18, 2008

Few Quick Things

This week is the last before summer vacation, so I've been busy making the rounds with end-of-the-year parties and oodles of soju. I haven't had time to write much of anything this week, which makes Kevy sad, but there are a few news items that caught my eye today.

First, Gitmo! Gitmo! Gitmo! American courts give Guantanamo detainees (POWs?) the right to challenge the legality of their imprisonment. Afterwards, one man naturally challenges his detention. American courts reply with a vicious, "PSYCH!" America is so funny.
Full story.

Second, I have no idea how I feel about this. My first reaction was negative (and therefore, very calloused) but I think I stick by it. If we want to eliminate AIDS, the first step is not letting it spread geographically, right? Is it completely unfair to ask that sick people not get people in our country sick? I understand that the odds of picking up AIDS from someone passing you on the street is...well, there are no odds, because that's downright impossible, but if a number of tourists enter into our country, I don't think anyone can completely discount the possibility of them having unprotected sex with an American citizen.

And it's not that I don't sympathize. At least, I think I still do. But arbitrary trips to the US just do not seem worth the risk. Again, I fully reserve the right to change my mind on this after further consideration, but for me, this is a situation of the dangers outweighing the benefits.

Finally, shut the fuck up about the New Yorker cover. I mean, I live in Korea for christ's sake and I'm still sick of hearing this garbage.
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