Friday, September 19, 2008

Are you Kidding Me?

Some days you just wake up in the morning, and there's so much ridiculous news it makes you wish you hadn't.

1) To begin with, what I suppose could be considered the most serious, Chuck Hagel hates Sarah Palin! Wow! Wow Wowie Wee Wow! I am flat-out shocked that a Republican would say this, what with all the yee-hawery going on about the woman. Granted, Hagel isn't as Republicany as others (today is neologism day!) but smacking your own party in the face is a huge deal. Or, at least it is for news addicts like me.

In one of his more achrimonious remarks, regarding his opinion of her lack of foreign experience, "That kind of thing is insulting to the American people." Insulting! Did you hear that? Eye En Es You El Ting!

In all fairness though, he is retiring, in like, 100 days.

2) The first news item is shocking. The second is just...Really? I mean, Really? Really?

Pope Benedict Number Whatever has said of Pope Pius XII during the Holocaust that he showed "courageous and paternal dedication" albeit courage of the "secret and silent" variety.

The argument here is that just because you didn't hear anything about Pius saving Jews during WWII, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just becuase he didn't object to the killing of millions of people, doesn't mean he wasn't brave. Just because all those Jews that Pius saved unanimously declared to remain silent on the issue, doesn't mean they don't owe the Pontiff their lives.

Actually, Mr. Benedict, that's exactly what it means.

The fact that the Pope would try to pass this bullshit off onto people sickens me. I also feel that it would just be a lot easier to say "My bad" and move on, instead of rewriting history to make monsters into heroes.

3) Get this! Right-wingers are more scared than Left-wingers! Really? I mean, have you ever challenged a hippie to a fight? They have a very "Let the Wookie win" type of strategy. This study would have us believe that war-mongering hawks are nothing but scared little kitty-kats.

Actually, I'm taking huge liberties (and I believe the article is too) with what the study suggests. Instead of saying "Right-wingers are more scared" it would be more accurate to say that this particular research suggest that those with right-slanted idealogies are more inclined to perceive threats to their social collective and because of this heighten -- oh, fuck it. Right-wing nutjobs are pussies. There, I said it.

4) I have saved the "best" for last. I can't even introduce it. I'll let you see for yourself.
(The link goes a website that's not "official" but I assure you, the information is. For some reason, I can't properly link to the address from the US congress, but if you have doubts about this website, feel free to double-check it. I did.)

Do I even need to say it? This shit is a waste of time. Maybe you're thinking that the whole thing isn't that big of a deal and didn't really spend all that much time. I invite you to search the US Congressional records and read the written transcript of all this nonsense aloud. Time yourself while you read it and then extend a middle finger towards Washington.
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