Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout This T-Shirt

While we're on the McCain issue, there is a fundamental problem that I have with his "campaign on hold" theory.

Ok, I won't get into the debate as to whether or not he's actually doing anything. I won't say whether or not his ideas or the Republican's idea, or Paulson's ideas are right or wrong. In the full assumption that he has stopped his campaign to 100% dedicate himself to solving economic problems, he is wrong.

Obviously, a president, or any leader, has a responsibility to solving problems. What I would hope would be more obvious is that the most important job (but most overlooked) that a president or leader has is to report to us.

Call me arrogant, but we're these jerks' bosses. If you're going to pull off a big project, something that has the future of the company on the line, you better run that by us first. Everything else can wait. Talk to your boss before you bet it all on black.

Yes, arrogant. I know. But this is the fundamental principle behind democracy. We are in charge. We have a voice in what happens. We choose how this country is run. We can't do that without communication. If a president says, "Oh, sorry, I'm too busy working to talk to you and explain to you what I'm doing," well then, I'm sorry, but you're unfit to lead, at least in this country.

End angry rant.
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