Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Be Kind to the Elderly

I'm trying really hard to get just one point across. If you can stand to sift through the terrible Street Fighter references and bad journalism jokes in this blog, and you can only take away one thing that I've said let it be this: There is no Sonic porn on this website. But, if you can take away two things, one of them should be the first thing, and the second thing should be: We own America.

McCain is taking a lot of flak lately, and if you've watched five whole seconds of news or even saw a front page in the past few days, you know what I'm talking about. The guys in the audience of a Palin rally who say "Terrorist" or "Kill him". The inane supporters with their asinine signs who draw links to Obama's middle name. Old ladies who think Obama is an Arab.

To approach this in point-counterpoint fashion, any decent human being should put a stop to this. Yes, this is politics. Yes, the idea behind a campaign trail is to make yourself look like a prince and the other guy an incompetent moron. Yes, McCain is not coming out and saying, "Look, that one, he's a terrorist." I understand all that. But McCain, have you no shame?

Here is my one-two punch. The jab is morals. McCain, when your supporters are in possession of so much misinformation, the kind that makes them want to say, "kill him" or call your opponent a terrorist, you have a responsibility -- do you hear that? a responsibility -- to set the record straight. Your constituency will be pissed when they hear you say, "Fact: Obama is not Muslim. Fact: He is not of Arab decent. Fact: He is not a black radical," but for god's sake you'll be able to sleep at night.

This is hard for you to understand, because there are no lies floating around about you, not serious ones at least. If the Huffington Post reported tomorrow that you were a terrorist, not even the idiots that read the Huffington Post would listen. But if Fox News called Obama a terrorist, well, you can see the difference here.

Your opponent is being branded as the worst thing in the entire world. Do you get that? His reputation amongst your constituency couldn't be worse unless he had the numbers 666 tattooed somewhere on his body. Do you understand, Senator McCain, that people get shot for this? Are you hearing me? People get fucking killed for this. In fact, presidents and presidential candidates have been killed for much, much less.

You have, in your possession, the power to save Obama's life. And yet you do nothing. You don't distance yourself from your crazy fucking vice-president who lets people yell kill him and tries to associate him with terrorists. When you tell your supporters that they shouldn't be scared of Obama, you're on the right track. When they boo you for you, that should be sending warning bells off in your brain.

The right hook here is a political one. Your campaign is floundering, Senator McCain. People think you're playing dirty and they're partly correct. You want to show the world you're a "maverick"? Say these words: "Obama is a decent, Christian man who is not a terrorist or a radical. He won't be a better president than me though." Honestly, Senator McCain, your poll numbers couldn't get any worse. If you're a Republican, you can't get less than 40%, so you might as well ditch your strategy, pull a 180, and you might not lose in shame.

Now, a rebuttal, from...myself.

Dear media, what is your deal? Repeat after me: John McCain is not the internet. John McCain is not the internet.

Do you think that this whole "Obama = black = scary" garbage started with John McCain in the 10th month of the year 2008? No, idiots. This has been happening for a damn long time.

He's dancing around the issue, I know, but he's not outright endorsing it, which might actually boost his numbers. Don't you know that if you're a Republican, you can't get less than 40%? If he were truly as bad a guy as you make him out to be, he wouldn't mind just going ahead and declaring Obama a terrorist. No, instead, he takes the mic away from his voters -- his voters -- and says, "No, Obama is a decent man."

(Short aside here, I'm not going to attack McCain over his very, very embarassing gaffe when speaking to the old lady about how the opposite of "Arab" is apparently "decent person". That was a very stupid thing to say. Most definitely. But we all know why that old lady (does she have a name? I'm too lazy to research that) called him an "Arab". Because to her, in her mind, that represents "bad person". I think we all already knew that.)

Here's the thing, media, if you want to quell this racism and hatred against Obama, you're going after the wrong guy. In fact, you haven't even targeted the right group of guys. You need to start looking at, hm, America perhaps?

I'll say it again: McCain did not start this ridiculous and unfounded Obama hatred. America did. Your country. Our country. We let this happen. Every one of us is responsible for fostering a society and environment where it's ok to let this happen. Every time a vice-president calls someone a terrorist, it's because we did not demand better of them. Every time a citizen declares that we should kill Obama, it's because we allowed it to happen.

We give up too easily don't we? There have been too many times hearing news about this election when I've shrugged my shoulders and said, "Oh, well, that's the bible belt for ya. What a bunch of sillies." When we should have displayed unmitigated outrage. Every slur thrown in Obama's face is a slur that could have been thrown in any black man's face if he got "too uppity" and decided to run for president. What the hell is wrong with us? Could we possibly pretend that these insults and racist remarks could not be applied to any other potential black candidate or any other candidate with a Muslim-originated name? We allowed these people to insult hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens and then shrugged it off.

And that's our fault, not McCain's.

Cynthia Tucker, saying this better than I ever could have.
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