Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Give a Hoot, Don't Vote!

In a recent conversation with my younger sister, being the good influence that I am, I pointed out to her that voting is useless in certain places like Illinois that will always always always be blue. I suggested that instead of spending the money for gas to the polls, she might as well just donate it to the charity. The money will actually be used for something useful, instead of taking her to cast a pointless vote.

In her case, the gas mileage is a combined 6 hours worth of driving, but I think this can apply to other people as well. If you're not voting out of laziness, there's no way I can convince to care about anything. But if you're not voting out of rebellion, futility or even a lack of information, why not take the transportation fee you would have paid to perform your "patriotic duty" and put it towards a good cause, one that is a lying, dirty politician.
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