Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Part Two - I am Angry with Everybody
(Or "The Idealistic Side of Kevin that Thought People Were Too Big to Care")

Well, the Obama Campaign has responded to Palin's accusation that he is buddy-buddy with a domestic terrorist -- FREE-FOR-ALL MELEE MUDSLINGING.

I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. I really, really was. The accusation that Obama was friends with a terrorists was weak the first time around when Clinton said it, and it still is. When you say "Pallin' around with a domestic terrorist" it sounds pretty scary, much scarier than "lived in the same neighborhood and served on a charity board with a domestic terrorist." It's silly. It's flat-out silly, but Obama got scared by it, I guess, and released a documentary on McCain's association with Keatings and the Lincoln Savings and Loans scandal in the early 90s.

Point one, if you're not at least moderately familiar with the fact that McCain was kinda-sorta taking illegal money from a bad man over fifteen years ago, you probably shouldn't be voting in either direction anyway. Remove thyself from thou swing state! No excuses if you were six at the time. (yo.)

Point two, the Obamarama machine did not make this video recently. I think it was Clarence Page who said it, but they didn't throw this together one Saturday night. This has been sitting around for a few months. Bravo on not using it sooner. Fuck you for using it now.

I shouldn't be surprised, and I definitely shouldn't take it too seriously. As Sarah Palin would say, "Doggone it, that's just the way politics are happennin'. Maverick, maverick, maverick." Is it normal to feel so disgusted with politics in your early twenties? Is this one of things about "growing up" that gets easier as time goes on, like going to the doctor? Or is it one of those things that always sucks, like going to the dentist?

But it's not Obama I'm pissed at. I'm pissed at myself, for one, for just assuming, like a jackass, that his campaign wouldn't take something so ridiculous so seriously. For two, I'm pissed at Olbermann, who released a special comment about the whole affair and pointed to a number of shady characters in Palin's past.

I don't question anything in Olbermann's analysis of said characters, but I'm sick of this game. Wright, Muthee, Volger, Ayers, Keating -- These people never mattered much to anyone, nor will they ever. There is apparently some sort of goofy math occurring in presidential campaigns that says a person's importance is multiplied just by knowing the candidate, thereby making them much more dubious than they really are.

Are you following me here? If you're best friends with someone who has a misdemeanor on their record, it's just as bad as seeing a felon on the street, and both these people are suddenly a threat to the free world.

I've always wondered if maybe someday I'll be running for office, and I'll suddenly discover that somebody I knew was really a terrorist. Or hell, would they even need to go that far? I'm sure I've said some things publicly that would immediately discount me for an election, probably one too many erection jokes for my own good.

My point is (Did you know it's considered bad form to state your thesis at the end of an argument instead of the beginning? I bet you didn't, but after reading my asinine jokes for several paragraphs to get to the point, you can imagine why) connections with people of less than stellar attributes are nearly guaranteed. And if you know anything about social situations, it's not always best to immediately and completely disassociate yourself from a person because you disagree with them. "Oh, sorry. I can't serve on this charity board because one of its members did something bad 20 some-odd years ago."

I'm sick of talking about this made-up fiasco. When I come back to it (Thursday or Friday if I don't get distracted by something else first) I'll talk about what actually fired me up about this business in the first place.
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