Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Election: Overall

I'm guessing that for the next week or so, I'll have a lot to say about the election. Partly because I'm a pretentious windbag, but mostly because I have so many mixed feelings about it, I'm sure I'll change my mind half a dozen times before I find myself in my cynical zone of comfort.

Speaking of cynicism, as of right now, this election feels like a failure. The referendums in California, Arizona and Florida have passed. The one in California effects me the most, not only because that proposition effected the most people, but because it repealed a right that was already in place, whereas the other two are denying rights never had.

Think about that for a second. That happened in our country for the first time. We have a long history of halting progress -- slavery, suffrage in multiple forms, miscegenation, segregation, the list goes on long than we'd like to admit. These were all times when people underneath rose, but not in the case of Proposition 8. Instead of preventing people from gaining equality, we stripped them of it.

The symbolism of electing a black president cheers me up. (An understatement, actually. I shed a few tears when I saw Jesse Jackson crying and listening to Senator Lewis talk about the inconceivability of seeing an African-American president.) It is a stop in the right direction, but no matter how proud I felt to be an American seeing this country elect a black man to the highest executive office in the land, there is still a lot of attitudes that need to change before we can declare racism deceased.

Which brings me to the original goal of this post, to discuss the shit that's already cropped it in the form of editorial cartooning. I'll spare you the tiresome and endless images of Abraham Lincoln giving the thumbs up, or any combination of pictures of America and the phrase "Yes We Did", but these below bear mention:

This One is particularly moronic.

Jim Siergey
Nov 5, 2008

This shit is just ridiculous. Of the billions and billions of "success" analogies you could have made, you went with basketball, which we all know, Obama is very skilled at, what with the whole "being black" and all. Idiots.

J.D. Crowe
Mobile Register
Nov 5, 2008

This one rubbed me the wrong way when I first saw it, but I'm having trouble articulating why. I think because although I see what the artist is trying to do here (both Jackie Robinson and Barack Obama have broken racial barriers) I think there could have been a better way to do it. As great as Jackie Robinson was at baseball, let's not forget that politics and intelligence in general is a much more astounding feat. To me, this seems incapable of capturing the gravity of the situation.

Tim Jackson
Chicago Defender, Madison …
Nov 5, 2008

It's amazing how much context can effect a political cartoon. If you didn't know diddly-squat about the Chicago Defender, you might think that this is a racist, asinine cartoon that has diminished a great man into a stereotypical gesture. If you knew that the Chicago Defender is a "black newspaper", you might think that this is just an asinine cartoon.
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