Friday, November 7, 2008

Political Quickie

I'm trying to keep up with all the news and opinion I've been hearing lately, but it's downright impossible. Do I feel elated or cautious about Obama's victory? Is it historical or overinflated? Am I to be angry at the Prop 8 outcome, or should I hopeful that the path to equality is drawer closer, albeit at a slow pace.

For the moment, I just wanted to share a few quotes I've seen lately.

“Lord, we ain’t what we want to be; we ain’t what we ought to be; we ain’t what we gonna be, but, thank God, we ain’t what we was.”
- MLK Jr., found in Nick Kristof's column.

Newsweek has presented a list of short anecdotes that were embargoed prior to Nov 5th. The most interesting one was this, about Obama and the debates:
When he was preparing for them during the Democratic primaries, Obama was recorded saying, "I don't consider this to be a good format for me, which makes me more cautious. I often find myself trapped by the questions and thinking to myself, 'You know, this is a stupid question, but let me … answer it.' So when Brian Williams is asking me about what's a personal thing that you've done [that's green], and I say, you know, 'Well, I planted a bunch of trees.' And he says, 'I'm talking about personal.' What I'm thinking in my head is, 'Well, the truth is, Brian, we can't solve global warming because I f---ing changed light bulbs in my house. It's because of something collective'."

"As promised by their father nearly two years ago, Malia and Sasha are getting their puppy when they move to the White House. And they will probably contemplate the acquisition of their new pet with more detail and scrutiny than McCain did his own running mate."
-August J. Pollack

"For most of the years of the American experiment, ''we the people'' did not include African Americans. We were not included in ''we.'' We were not even included in ``people.''"
-Leonard Pitts Jr.

More to come later.
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