Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe Not Everyone Believes in God. Why Is That Such a Hard Statement to Accept?


This is Monique Davis, an Illinois representative -- a representative from my home state -- speaking to atheist Rob Sherman on the governor's decision to give $1 million to a church.

Here's the highlight clip.
Davis: "What you have to spew and spread is dangerous...It's dangerous for our children to even know your philosophy exists. You have no right to be here...You believe in destroying. You believe in destroying what this state was built upon."

Eric Zorn asks "what the outcry would have been if a lawmaker had launched a similar attack on the beliefs of a religious person." What a completely fair question that I'm sure nobody will ever pay attention to. If a Jew requested that state money not go to a Christian organization, would she say the same thing, and had she did, would the backlash be as prevailant? Even in the wake of 9/11, nobody would dare say this to a Muslim -- "You have no right to be here" -- and if they did, the media would call them out. But high profile situations like these that provoke bigotry and hatred -- not to mention the fact that state funds going to a church acutally does destroy what this state was built upon -- will go unheard of. This event happened in April. April.

Nobody lynches atheists. We're not really in any physical danger. The problem is that statements like these get swept under the rug with this group of people, when I firmly believe that if any other minority were referenced, there would be an outcry beyond compare. Call me paranoid, but I believe that's how lynching starts.
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