Monday, December 22, 2008

This Post Is Not At All About RICK WARREN

I am not talking about Rick Warren.

Why? I'm just not.

I'm sorry if you were waiting for me to say something about Rick Warren, but I'm not going to. So stop waiting.

Rick Warren's an asshole.

Ok, that's it. That's the only thing I'm going to say about Rick Warren. No more.

So, stop reading whenever you feel like it, because Rick Warren will not be mentioned any further. This blog has reached maximum Rick Warren capacity. There can be no more Rick Warren saturation occurring within this space. If this were an HTML file, the "slash rick" would appear here-ish.

Except to say that he's an asshole.

And that this decision to include him in Obama's inauguration ceremony is not inclusive in any way, because it won't really include people on the right. By this I mean that those on the right will not be jumping for joy at the news that Warren is giving a big ole one-minute speech. This is the same strategy that democrats have been using for the past, oh, twenty years and do you see how much conservatives love democrats? If you don't see, I'll tell you: NOT VERY FUCKING MUCH AT ALL, SONNY JIM. In terms of inclusiveness, this is a stupid move. Who is this including? Protestants? Yeah, that needs to happen. Protestants totally don't get enough play in this country. Not like the Muslims, atheists, Catholics, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and African witch doctors. I really don't get the whole thing. Pragmatically, it doesn't really do dick. That's important to remember. Obama has a pretty decent record (not perfect, as this event has shown us) for supporting gay rights and I don't think this ONE-MINUTE SPEECH will change his mind. Maybe it will. I hear Pastor Rick's a good speaker. But I doubt it. Symbolically, this hand-reaching-over-the-aisle bullshit won't mean anything to conservatives. Their opinion of Obama probably won't change from this ONE-MINUTE SPEECH he ordered from a neocon fruitcake. So, for the administration and the administration's opponents, this doesn't mean much. For the GBLT community though, it means a lot. Sitting down with a religious leader to chitchat is one thing, asking him to bless you is quite another. Even if it is a ONE-MINUTE SPEECH, it means that Obama will allow this man, this man who is quite hateful, albeit very pleasant, so I hear, to run the inauguration for one minute. That is a minute of time that will not mean much to Obama, Warren, Warren's supporters, the country, Iran, the inauguaration ceremony, or even history, but that one minute will be a stark reminder to the GBLT community that Obama welcomed a bigot, onto his stage, and asked him for a blessing.

But besides that, I'm not talking about Rick Warren.
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