Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Mission accomplished. I have successfully avoided the month of January.

I would love to tell you people that writing, any writing, is like a well. If you leave alone for long enough, it will surely be brimming with delicious metaphorical water to drink. Alas, writing is like a big ugly rock you have to roll from place to place. This post is a pathetic attempt to get that thing moving again.

Case in point, this post originally began with the word "miccion". What I'm getting at here is lower your expectations, and sharply.

There have been things that I've been thinking about, and save for the occasional rant I beam towards my unfortunate friends and coworkers, they get bottled up. I am afraid of Obama. There, I said it.

I've often said that 9/11 provided us with an opportunity to examine deeply and impartially quite a number of things: our place in the world and religion's place in the country, to name the two most important. We chose to forego that noise in favor of making kerploodies around the world. Three cheers for American hubris, the only thing we still manufacture ourselves.

I can see the same thing happening to the country with the "changing of the guard" that just occurred. People love Obama a lot or they hate Obama a lot, but it doesn't feel (at least to me) that anyone is looking with a skeptical eye. The method may have changed, but it results in the same unquestioning loyalty that the Bush administration cajoled us into adopting. This time it's love, and not fear.

I've been able to catch a little TV here and there in slow days. It's disturbing to see Jon Stewart cheer Obama on every night. No Jon, you should not be doing that. Make with the yuk-yuks, funny man.

There are a lot of things that should be on the table right now, but they simply aren't. 3 Pakistani children died a short while ago because of one of our missiles. Obama ordered it and has -- repeatedly -- declared that intends more of the same. He has stated he fully supports Israel in its recent battle against Hamas, despite knowing that 1,300 civilian deaths is frowned upon amongst people with souls. He has passed a bill with tax cuts, despite being against tax cuts throughout his campaign. He is seeing imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons in his head, with contradictory, American-based intelligence at his fingertips. He's also been hanging around quite a bit of assholes lately (Daschle, Lynn, Warren) and some of his recent cabinet posts have been considerably confusing (Clinton, Gates). Jury's still out on DOMA, healthcare and the prosecution of war criminals. The aforementioned stimulus plan doesn't look too good, but I'll save judgment for later.

And I just don't hear the opposition for this. The guy is nice, I agree. He's completely likable. But this is our chance, our second chance, as a nation, to look at our president with a skeptical, discerning eye instead of blind adoration. My recommendation is that we take it, but we won't receive another chance to redefine ourselves for a long time.
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