Monday, February 3, 2014

Mighty Avengers and Invaders

Mighty Avengers

Is there a reason to read this book? I started out for three reasons, I guess. One, the one I'm most ashamed to admit, is that I really like the character of Superior Spider-Man, and if you put him in a book, I'll probably read it. Two, I like the character of Luke Cage, but I'm far more interested in his potential as a character. He has an interesting dynamic where he has to balance taking care of his family, but still has a responsibility to do good in the world that he can't ignore. It's an amazing basis for a character, and maybe I just haven't read enough stories about Luke Cage, but it hasn't been fully explored the way it could be or should be. Third, when the cast was first announced it seemed like it would be a "minority Avengers" which sounds like it could be done badly or very well, but either way I was interested.

Well, they took Spider-Man off the team, so there goes reason number one. I like how they were characterizing him as a total jerk in this series, which is the way he's best, so I'm sad he's gone and I think the book suffers because of it. (I can understand him being off the team, however, since it seems like he won't be around for much longer.)

They also have barely mentioned Luke's family or any of his responsibilities. The series is just getting started, I know, but they've had five issues and haven't gone anywhere or done anything with it. The only time the baby came up was when they literally put him (or her? I don't even know) in a cab and then started with the fighting.

Third, I was interested in seeing minority Avengers, but all the criticism I leveled against Wood's X-Men is cranked up to eleven, throwing in characters I've never even heard of. The biggest departure between this and Wood's X-Men is that while Wood may be throwing a bunch of characters at us just because they're women, he's still taking the time to characterize them well. I've been reading Mighty Avengers for almost half a year now, and I can't even tell you who's on the team besides Luke Cage. Strike this from the pull list.


Robinson is sorta famous in the world of comics, having won an Eisner award for books I've never read, but nothing really grabbed me in this book. Am I wrong for thinking Captain America is becoming a Wolverine? He's in every book these days, Captain America, Avengers, Avengers World, Uncanny Avengers, Invaders, Superior Spider-Man and probably some more I don't even know about. Give the guy a break.

Only one issue of Invaders is out so far, so I can't judge too harshly, but I am not at all interested in reading the rest of this. I guess it only exists to give Marvel more opportunities to milk The Winter Soldier for every cent it's worth.

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