Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I watched a movie about a girl with an impossibly short skirt. It's name was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Look at the poster. Look at it!

This movie has nothing to do with the skirt and actually very little to do with time travel, but she does leap through time, so I guess it is technically accurate. A girl suddenly acquires the ability to leap through time, so she does some stuff that doesn't matter (like getting a snack from the past) and then there's an ending that also doesn't matter.

So, things I liked about this movie...when the girl leaps through time, she actually leaps through time, like she has to jump to activate the time travel. I eventually figured that perhaps there was a correlation between the height and severity of her jump and how far back in time she goes, and if that's correct, then the movie did a good job of showing that to the audience instead of just telling us.

The jumping thing led to some pretty funny moments, as whenever she went through time she always ended up crashing into something, repeatedly.

And...that's about it. For a while I was really engaged trying to figure out the end of the movie. Was she going to still get killed by the train at the end? (No.) Was the creepy aunt actually herself from the future? (No.) Was she going to make some sort of paradox or even use her powers for something good? (No.) For the first part of the movie I was interested in this, but as none of it panned out and the result was much more boring and frustrating to watch, so, I actually can't say that I enjoying watching this movie, or that I would watch it again. I can't even recommend it to anyone, actually, and it wasn't even worth seeing once. So how did this movie go so wrong?

I'm hesitant to say that it was made well. Just recently I was talking about how Tokyo Godfather's childish animation made what was actually dark subject more palpable. Girl doesn't have any dark subject matter, so when they do cutesy Japanese anime things, it comes off as unnecessary, annoying and distracting, but most importantly, lazy. There was no reason this needed to be animated, since there's no fanastical scenes or anything like that; It's really just a high school drama. I even recall one extended scene where the girl is running through a city and it's really cool, really well-framed, and would have been amazing if it wasn't just animated. Why not get some actors and shoot on film? Oh, because that's hard work. Ok.

Maybe I'm too simplistic, but I think a movie should be about a character I like working towards a goal. Is that too much to ask? I guess so. There are three important aspects in that definition, and this movie fails at all three.

Number one, she has no goal. Or at least, she gets a goal halfway through the movie. So the girl has two friends, boy and other boy. Boy asks her out, but she maybe likes other boy, so she ignores him. Eventually other boy gets a girlfriend, so she decides that she likes boy instead. The rest of the movie is trying to...I don't even fucking know.

Number two, I still don't know what her goal is, but if it has something to do with liking boy, she should probably, like, tell him. You don't even need time travel powers for that. You don't even need a fucking phone. Walk up and be all like, what's up, typical Japanese teenager, let's go get a bagel. Done.

Number three, if her goal is ??? and the obstacle is just telling the boy that she wants in love? or whatever, then she should just tell him, right? Well, she doesn't and the fact that she doesn't makes it really annoying to watch. So, why is this movie famous? Someone please tell me?

1) Well made? - Sure, but actors would have been better than cartoons
2) Contributed?  - Not to animation, sci-fi or romance
3) Good time? - Nope.
4) Watch again? - Never.
5) Worth it?  - The first forty minutes I guess?
6) Who should watch this? - I really wish I could say somebody somewhere must enjoy this...I guess Japanese schoolgirls?

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