Monday, March 24, 2014

The Hunger Games

Alright, it was ok.

It's a teen novel, so of course, it's not meant to be taken too seriously, and I feel like an asshole talking about the plot, so let's get that out of the way now.

There's a girl, alright. And, I guess she makes rash decisions. And that's like, her defining character trait? I guess. She doesn't do much throughout the entire movie so much as things happen to her, or somebody helps her out. This is lame.

I feel like part of the point of a movie like this can be one of two things. One is to put somebody in that "kill or be killed" type situation and see them overcome it. They find themselves in a perilous, inescapable situation, and decide to "win". And, for the first half of the movie, Katniss is talking about how's she going to win. So.

But then, there's also the opposite scenario. Instead of playing the game and trying to "win", you rage against the machine, try to escape, or fight against the organizers. Anything in between these two extremes will probably find you dead, first of all, and make for a boring confusing movie.

So I have no idea what Katniss wants. I was pretty sure at the beginning of the movie, she wanted to survive the hunger games so she could prevent her little sister from going, and to return home to her. She talks about winning all the time. She must know that means killing 23 other kids right? But then the only people she kills are via hornets, in self-defense, or people that she shoots-to-wound and then end up falling to their deaths. So...Katniss, did you not know what happened in these things or not? You knew that to win, you had to kill almost two dozen people, yet seem totally unprepared to do so.

Alright, so maybe she wants to fight against her captors. That's why at the end she's ready to commit suicide with Peeta. But no, because if she were going to do that, why not kill a few of them when they handed her a weapon and turned her back to her? Seriously. She shoots an arrow right at them and they totally don't see it coming. If they were her enemies, why not just kill them there?

Also, I was pretty sure throughout the entire movie that she was pretending to love Peeta for the sake of the audience. But, this never actually came up with the audience after it happened, did it? She gets a Dues Ex Medicine towards the beginning (further taking the results of this movie and then hunger games out of her hands), but after declaring her "love" for Peeta, it never matters again.

And then the end. I thought everything, everything, was for the sake of getting back to her younger sister. But then she's ready to die for a boy she met, which maybe makes their love genuine? Or maybe she was playing the audience, because she thought that if she threatened suicide the GM would react and save them both. But she didn't know that would happen did she? And, again, if the point was to get back to her younger sister, killing Peeta would have accomplished this just as easily.

Ugh. I hate that I'm going to turn this into two posts. I'll continue this tomorrow.

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