Monday, March 3, 2014

The Movie Week

This is actually going to be something of a general update and less a review or discussion about anything in particular. Today marks the first day of the new semester both at the school I work at, the school I attend, and my Korean studying cycle. All of these happen to be starting on the same day, right after I took a vacation for a week. So, what I'm trying to say is that today is somewhat busy, and I'm also a little rusty on writing.

In addition, I wanted to get started talking about the movies that I watched while I was on vacation, but, there was so many of them, I don't even know where to begin. Starting with Frozen a week and a half ago, I ended up watching 14 movies. Some of them kept me thinking for at least a few days afterwards (Perfect Blue, Whisper of the Heart) and some of them were so boring I could barely make it through them (North by Northwest, Bride of Frankenstein). Regardless, I want to get started reviewing these, but might not make it to, or care enough about all of them to do. They were:
Perfect Blue
Whisper of the Heart
North by Northwest
Bride of Frankenstein
Lilo and Stitch
Throne of Blood
The Seventh Seal
Ip Man
The End of Evangelion

As I sit here right now, I can tell you that I have at least a little bit of something to say about Whisper of the Heart, Perfect Blue, North by Northwest and Hitchcock, Metropolis, and Evangelion, but who knows how I'll feel tomorrow.

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