Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Captain America: Winter Soldier - Part 3

Alright, we need to wrap this Winter Soldier bullshit up.

I suppose there must be a few things about this movie I didn't like, so, fuck it. Let's nitpick.

The actor playing the Winter Soldier does not look good with long hair. He looks way too pretty and young, and completely ruins any intimidating effect he might have had.

Poor Chris Evans is getting sick of playing these parts. I feel bad encouraging people to see this movie when I know it's just going to prolong his torment.

There's a scene where Steve Rogers whips out a notebook where he's keeping a list of everything he needs to get caught up on from the past 70 years. This list changes depending on which country you see this movie in. Although this doesn't really influence anything, it's pandering crap, and you know I hate that.

There is unnecessary Black Widow side boob towards the end of the movie, and an unnecessary ass wiggle shot towards the beginning. Again, pandering crap, and maybe in both cases the studios pressured the directors to include this.

I really liked how the Falcon is introduced to this movie. Namely, that he just kinda shows up. It is somewhat contrived that this guy with an awesome flight suit happens to be Steve Rogers' best friend, but in the grander scheme of things, this keeps the plot moving along nicely, and, in a world with superpowered people running around, it doesn't seem too strange to anybody that he has this flight suit. However, the thing that I didn't like about him is that he ends up being the plucky, black sidekick to Captain America. In the comics, he's less of a comedic relief and more of a moral center for Steve. Sam Wilson is there to remind Cap to do the right thing, not crack jokes. This is not an issue of "It's not the same in the comics, so I hate it," this is a case of seeing the same, exact funny black sidekick character a billion times and starting to hate it.

And, this is literally the only bad things I can say about this movie.

1) Well made? - Yes, just about everything.
2) Contributed?  - I think the more smart comic book movies we start seeing, the less we'll start considering them an aberration. In a world where The Dark Knight took in a $533,316,061 domestic gross, and action schlock like Man of Steel and 300:Rise of an Empire didn't make that much combined, I feel pretty good about the comic book movie perception slowly changing for the better.
3) Good time? - Oh yes. It starts to feel its length (about 135 minutes) towards the end, and there is one superfluous fight scene, but besides that, great from start to finish.
4) Watch again? - I already have, and it has even come out in America yet.
5) Worth it?  - Alone, this movie would be great enough to recommend. Considering that it will alter the world of the Marvel cinematic universe in the subsequent films, I'd say that makes it much more essential than Thor: The Dark World.
6) Who should watch this? - Any fan of superhero movies, and maybe fans of political thrillers or conspiracy movies as well. Also, pretty much anyone wanting to see some good action.

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