Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not Much to Talk About

You know, when I started writing on this blog again, my intent was to write just a little bit every day, to make sure my writing ability didn't get stale. However, I...just don't have enough to say about things.

Back when I had enough time to watch movies and read comics, I could cover those pretty extensively. But now, I've only seen 4 movies in the past month and two were The Hunger Games and Winter Soldier, and I turned both of those into 5 posts total, so, good job, Kevin?

The other two were Charlie Chaplin films. I recently decided that I wanted to go through the IMDb Top 250 in chronological order, just to, I don't know, see what happens. So far, the beginning is (and I'm not going to dance around saying this bluntly) the most boring part of this venture. My thoughts about Charlie Chaplin are essentially the same as my thoughts about Hitchcock -- Very influential and groundbreaking when it first came out; Not so valuable today. And there are silent films and films from the twenties that I think really do stand out even today.

And I understand that the reason Charlie Chaplin didn't age well is that his routines and jokes were copied so much that they're stale to today's audiences, but still, very, very boring to watch and not much to say about either of them. (They were The Gold Rush and The Kid, by the way.)

It's strange too, because I loved Duck Soup, and I thought that was way funnier than either of these two movies. I know these films were made during different eras, but my point is, older movies can still be funny.

I have three more Chaplin films on this trip through the IMDb Top 250, and I hope they're not as painful to sit through as the first two. (It is interesting though; Charlie Chaplin represents 2% of all of the best movies in the world. That's pretty cool.)

So, there you go. I turned two movies into five posts, and two other movies into half a post. Sometimes there's just not much to say about a guy falling down for comedic effect.

I almost wrote a full post about the Days of Future Past trailers, but there's also not much to talk about here. It looks ambitious, and it looks like it's going to work. I suspect they're not overly attaching themselves to any of the "Old/Future X-Men" characters, which is a great idea. There will be a sense of urgency going on when we see Storm, Colossus and Iceman get killed. The disaster of the future will be on full display (an idea I talked about before...somewhere on this blog. I'm too lazy to find it now.) Seeing how bad things might become gives our heroes greater motivation to prevent the world from becoming so bad.

Also, Blink looks fucking awesome. I almost wrote a full post about how awesome Blink is. (Well, comparing characters that are "just cool" (Blinks), with characters that maybe are not as cool, but have a greater narrative presence (Kitties).) Every time I watch these trailers (and it's been a lot) I'm just thinking "Blink Blink Blink" in my head. She's that fucking cool.

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