Monday, October 6, 2014

I Knew It

A little over a month ago, I wrote this:

One thing that I require to maintain my sanity is consistency. I like having the same schedule every week, for all the weeks, until I die. This doesn’t work, and so last month when I had a two-break from work, a two-week break from school, and a two-week period of writing a research paper, my consistency got fucked up and as a result so did I. I’m only now coming around back to being a real boy again, which sucks, because I’m moving in three weeks, taking a vacation for a week, and starting a new job in the month. None of that shit is consistent with any fucking thing, so it’s going to be hard to maintain the blog until mid-October. Your patience is appreciated.

Which is pretty much exactly how everything went down during September. Moving sucks, starting a new job is stressful, taking a vacation makes it hard to write your blog that nobody except your mother reads, and yep, I didn't write anything in September.

Thankfully, consistency appears to be on the upswing in the life of ole' K Dubs. I am more or less finished getting settled into a new apartment, and the process of getting settled into a new job shouldn't be taxing, even to my reptilian-like brain. I think I might, I don't know, write some stuff?

 There's good news and bad news on the movie. The bad news it that I've seen a lot of things in the past...two or three months that I really wanted to talk about: Wadjda, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Diplomacy, 47 Ronin and why it didn't work, The Fisher Kind and why it does, Man of Steel and the "essence" of a superhero, the Korean film "The Good, the Bad and the Weird" and adapting another culture's style of film to your own, and In Bruges. This is bad just because I know myself, and that I imagine the statue of limitations on being able to talk about these films is past. I'll probably end of writing about the next thing I see...

...which brings me to the good news: I have just moved to a city where there are a lot of movie theaters, and some DVD rooms. (DVD rooms are a Korean thing. You rent out a private room with a couch and a home theater system and watch a DVD for like, 15 bucks. They are amazing and also sometimes used for boning.) I have already planned on and wrote it down in my schedule to see a movie once a week. Not only that, but I finally have Netflix and can start watching some good shit on there too.

Finally, I really would like to get some basic primers written in easy language going about world events and countries. I've done two papers on Syria for grad school thus far, and I think this qualifies me to spend 500 words and at least 7 dick jokes explaining it to people. I'm really looking forward to that. I've had these dick jokes saved up for months.

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