Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a Little Reminder

Talking about movies and comics is my hobby; it is definitely not my work. This is meant to serve both as apology for sucking so bad at it, and to point you in the direction of what is actually my work: Madiba Children's Outreach.

MCO is a neat little organization that sponsors children in Ethiopia to go to school and eat (not at the same exact time.) When I say "small", I mean small. It is me and two other (less attractive) guys taking care of 5 kids. Regardless, it still means a lot to me and occupies a lot of my time and thoughts. Further, since I'm this close to finishing my master's degree, I'd like to move into this field permanently, so this small little organization is going to grow.

Regardless, we recently had a bit of a hiccup in regards to our website vis a vie the whole thing getting erased. That sounds like it might suck, but it turns out this hiccup is actually a blessing hiccup in disguise. (Those are called sneezes.) We now have the opportunity to update our website and revamp it both with new information, a new design, and pieces of constantly evolving thoughts on charity work. Considering that the website and the organization are over three years old at this point, it certainly could use an reboot.

In addition to all this, we're also working on building up our web presence. The three of us do quite a bit of reading and researching -- in our academic lives, our professional lives and our personal lives -- and we would like to start sharing this information. We do this personally all the time on our Facebook pages and twitter, but now we're working on consolidating this onto one account on each social media platform -- The MCO Facebook Page, and the MCO International Twitter Account.

The advantage to this is that it's an all-encompassing (so we hope) look at charity in Ethiopia and around the world. We all stem from different backgrounds with wildly varying opinions on things, and are prone to disagreement, no matter how right I may be.

So, if you take any interest at all in Ethiopia, charity work, international law, economic development and poverty reduction, I hope you check out any of our pages, not only just to support the work we do, but also just as a chance to learn about more about these fields. Also, when the website is rebooted, I hope you check out that as well. It'll be

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