Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gone Girl

I was really hesitant to say anything about this movie for three good reasons. One, spoilers. This movie is just spoilers and spoilers. I'm pretty sure I expressed my thoughts on spoilers before, in that if I mention that there are spoilers, even without saying what they are, I have already essentially spoiled the movie. (Because you're expecting a twist, you see? So that's the only thing you focus on and chances are, you're not surprised by any of it.) However, it's good and almost necessary to mention that this movie is full of spoilers because you are made to distrust every bit of information that comes your way, all the way through to the end. Not only does this distrust work for the movie, I would argue that personal distrust and especially distrust of the media is the backbone of this movie.

Number two, I feel like I can't add much to the discussion of the movie that hasn't already occurred with people more talented than I am. (Here, here, and here.) In short: The performances, amazing. The music, awesome all the time. The script, a little nonsensical but forgivable. Tyler Perry, surprising really fucking good.

Finally, I'm a little bit torn on how I feel about it. The movie itself, judged as a movie, is A+. The movie's portrayal of women is not great though, maybe. I'm not sure. A lot of women in this film are really terrible people, which is important, because that means that in the world that the movie resides all women are awful. Kinda. On the other hand, pretty much all the people in the movie are awful. But still, the idea that this movie reinforces some truly awful and harmful stereotypes about women is something that is hard to get over. If that is what this movie is doing. And I'm not sure that it is. Maybe, you can say that I have hazy reservations less than an actual criticism? You see why I was not eager to share my brain fart with the internet.

1) Well made? - Every shot is fucking gorgeous, and I'm convinced that Trent Reznor should be in the "background music" business all the time. Plus, this movie has some of the best performances of the actors that I have ever seen
2) Contributed?  - Sadly, I can't say that this does anything really new or innovative either with film or with the genre. Plus, it's not even David Fincher's best film
3) Good time? - I was certainly captivated for the entirety of this film's length, which is 72 hours
4) Watch again? - The length is a bit daunting, but I'm certain if I watch this again, I will notice something small that I didn't see the first time
5) Worth it?  - Yeah, I think so. Especially right now when it seems to be the best thing in theaters (at least where I live, and at least until Interstellar comes out later this week)
6) Who should watch this? - Fans of David Fincher for sure, and I know you're out there. I think this film is actually pretty appropriate for a general audience, as long as you're ok with adult themes like WITCHCRAFT. Am I saying that witchcraft is in the movie? Maybe I am.

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